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By Alexander Ulysses Thor




Sounds absurd. Right? Well, it should.

Anyone participating in the so-called War on Christmas should take one thing into consideration before making your argument for or against expressing the harmless sentiment. Whether or not you believe Jesus Christ was the son of God—who died for our sins so we could all go nuts on Black Friday trampling over our neighbors just to get a bargain on this year’s hottest selling toy—doesn’t matter. So don’t go getting all upset next time someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, and just remember, we changed the way we COUNT TIME based on the LIFE and DEATH of Jesus Christ—BC/Before Christ, AD/After Death, anyone.

So give the God a break. What’s the big deal about wishing someone a Merry Christmas? No matter what you believe or what faith you hold, if you are dating time by what year it is, you are already celebrating the memory of Jesus. While some more secular minded (mostly those existing in the logical realm of scientific communities) have adopted BCE—Before Current Era and CE—Current Era, the way we date time will always be undeniably linked to Jesus Christ.

But let’s ponder another thought for a moment. Just assume for a minute that Jesus Christ really was the son of God as we all are God’s children. This also includes all you atheists out there. Because each and every one of us has what I call Our God Part, giving us the free will to choose our own destiny. No other creature has ever had that choice before.

It is Our God Part that separates us from the beasts that just sleep and feed. We create. We destroy. We remolded and reshaped the earth to fit whatever needs we desired. We moved mountains, leveled forests into open plains, blasted away or through anything standing in our way, regardless of the cost to the planet or our own future prosperity. No other creature has ever done any of these things before or after man came along.

I mean, just look at the dinosaurs. They had rule of the planet for almost one-hundred-sixty million years (unless of course you’re one of those people who view The Flintstones as if it were a documentary), and all they did during that time was become bigger dinosaurs. While humans have dominated the land for the only last 10,000 years or so, just a fraction of that time.

Our free will gives us ability to alter our fate. We are all born inherently knowing right from wrong, good from evil, making anyone capable of being Gandhi or even becoming Hitler. No one is born evil. It is something you really have to work on before achieving that kind of status.

So next time someone tells you to have a Merry Christmas, even if you’re a Muslim, a Buddhist a Hindu, a Jew, or any other faith, or even none at all, don’t get offended and just remember what day and date it is. After all, the guy did die for our sins, and we felt so bad about it that we changed the way we counted time in remembrance of his sacrifice.

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