Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our God Part: A Mission Statement Prolouge






Extra, extra,

This just in,

The All Powerful, All Knowing, Omnipresent,

Vengeful God Is Dead.

Long live Our God Part,

Always with us since the day we’re born  

From Yesterday, Today, and Forever Tomorrow


So, don’t waste precious time devoting blind faith to religious dogma,

And follow your god part to your fateful destiny, instead.


Don’t question if yours is the one true faith,

But ask, what’s your fate?

What’s your purpose?

Why are you here?


Don’t deceive yourself with spiritual beliefs thousands of years old.

And find faith in knowing we all have a divine fate, a purpose for being,

Born with an inherent knowledge of Good and Evil,                                                                            

We are equally capable of both.


Originating in our genetic code, this divine gift is what separates us from the beasts that sleep and feed, instilling in us the belief that man was created in the image a higher power—a God to rule and watch over us.  But, it’s really just evidence of our God Part, ingrained in our DNA, making anyone capable of being Gandhi or becoming Hitler.  God exists inside of us, and it’s up to each individual to decide his or her own fate.  Nothing in life is predestined, except its eventual end.


Just always, remember.


Never Be Ashamed of What You Don’t Know, Only What You Refuse to Learn.


Because.  If we don’t start Living Smart, we’re all going to Die Stupid

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